Pro Trader: Monthly Reports

/Pro Trader: Monthly Reports

Protrader – December 2018 Market Wrap

XJO Macro Concerns continue to plague the Market Down 16 The month of December saw a continuation of uncertainty primarily around macro International factors. Without any positive domestic stimulus, the market limped along, being buffeted by international factors, with the market never being able to surpass the close of 7th December, and on the 21st, closing on a two year low. A mild festive rally followed resulting in a close at 5651 with a loss of 16 points for the month. The potential expansion of the US/Sino trade war,

Protrader – November 2018 Market Wrap

XJO Trade War worries continue Down 163 points for November The month of November initially supported by positive Chinese Trade data began strongly with a 114 point rally, however, this rally petered out, and in the process formed a double top around the 5940 level. Once again despite basically strong domestic data, the shadow of International issues, particularly surrounding a largely unsuccessful APEC & G20 meetings and continued US/ China Trade War concerns enveloped any domestic factors, resulting with a 272 point drop from the 13th of

Protrader – October 2018 Market Wrap

“2 out Of 3 ain’t bad” Meat Loaf 1977 XJO Gripped by fear, the market fell 6% for the month of October. Down 407 points. The Australian market completely and totally succumbed to fear in the month of October. The October 5th US Treasury bond yield jump was the catalyst that precipitated the worst market performance since Aug 2015, declining 6%, and erasing its year-to-year date gains. Despite some strong economic and industry figures both domestically and abroad the market was overwhelmed by the two

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Protrader – September 2018 Market Wrap

“Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” Franklin D Roosevelt 1932 XJO Divergence Continues Down 103 points for September The Australian market was very disappointing, starting the month with 7 consecutive down days, and hitting a low of 6103, with the S&P ASX200 DOWN 2.6% at one stage, before solidifying, and closing the month at 6207. Despite further Solid economic data such as a better than expected GDP, the market was unable to shake concerns about a potential International trade war. Fear for fear’s

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Protrader – August 2018 Market Wrap

Looking into the future What the rest of the year may hold XJO Prepare for severe turbulance. Up 44 points for August The Australian market was up over 44 points for the month of August and again hit a succession of new highs for the decade throughout the month. However, it was a month of extreme volatility resulting in wild 142 point swings in the market. Such volatility often accompanies markets when reaching new highs, as the market psychologically adjusts to becoming comfortable with its new

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Protrader – July 2018 Market Wrap

Has Oil got us over a barrel? XJO Continued Uncertainty Up 103 for JULY The Australian market was up over 100 points for the month of July, and actually hitting a decade high in the first week. However, once again due to conflicting concerns around potential trade wars, and domestic issues such as ASIC launching Federal court action against AMP, and pending doom, surrounding the housing market the early rally was unable to be sustained, resulting in the market losing steam, and oscillating between