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Ep: 63 Finding Set-Ups is the Easy Part

Note: This is a video blog, not financial advice. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own trading decisions. Long time Protrader member Sam chats about ASX and NASDAQ stocks in his weekly video blog. Stocks: CIA, GRR, CAJ, KIN, VLT, HE8, MX1, SLZ, AVN, BTH, ARB, MAQ, MOE, ZNC, BBN, SEDG, VSLR, JKS, PINS, SNAP, PTON, SQ, WPL, BPT, XOM

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Ep.37: Set-Ups Emerging, a Walk Through my Watchlist

Long time member Sam runs through his watchlist. Stocks discussed: ADMA, ALXN, ATU, BBIO, BCEL, BET, BUB, CCOI, CIM, COUP, CRTX, CTD, CTXS, CVN, DOCU, FB, FLIC, FNHC, HACK, GEAR, FSTR, FUEL, HUB, KAR, LLC, MCD, MDT, MGR, MMM, PYC, QDEL, RGEN, ZM, SGM, SWM, TDOC, TNK, WZR

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Ep. 32: Well, this is the Stock Market

Long time member Sam discusses the current market correction. Stocks discussed: ASIA, QRE, MOAT, DRUG, HIL, PPH, ALL, APX, TWLO, PEGI, DXCM, AVZ, A2m, ZM

October 2019 Market Wrap

Protrader – October 2019 Market Wrap XJO down 25 Is the market ready to pounce?   October Stock Market Report   October began much like August with the market dropping over 250 points in the first three days settling at 6,492 on October the 3rd. However after the US/China trade talk anxiety passed, the market refocused on fundamentals, and with strong support from international commodities helping the resources sector with XMJ, XMM, & XJR Indices, all contributing to a solid 5 session rally from the 10th to